Hoosier Kart Tires are now the official tire of IKF

Northern California Karters Hoosier Tire Contingency program

This program is offered as a reward for using Hoosier Kart tires at NCK events. It’s very simple if using Hoosier tires and Displaying the Hoosier sticker on your kart, the class has 10 Racers or more. Hoosier Tires/ M&M Racing Products will reward 2 tires via random draw for the top five racers (on Hoosiers). One tire will be awarded for the remaining class (on Hoosiers) via a random draw. To qualify for the drawing, you must be using Hoosier tires during the race and have a Hoosier sticker on the kart.

The simple way to look at it is you either get 50% off a set of tires or 25% off a set. Or save and try to be that lucky person again at the next race or races. To redeem your tires see Mark Morrison of M&M Racing Products at the track. For more information contact

Mark at 916 308 3228 or hoosierkarttires.com

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